14 dicembre 2012



BrainStim SYS


Brainstim SYS

Brainstim SYS

a transcranial stimulation with low-intensity direct current (tDCS) or alternating current (tACS, tRNS) generates neuromodulations in spontaneous neuronal activity (www.brainstim.com).


BioPAC MP150 System




composed by:

  1. 8 EEG channels

  2. 2 EMG channels

  3. 1 galvanic skin response sensor

  4. 1 respiration rate sensor

  5. 1 heart rate sensor

  6. 1 skin temperature sensor

Enactive Torch

The Enactive Torch

The Enactive Torch

a vibro-tactile feedback system to the body, whose strength is directly proportional to the distance of obstacles/objects from the tip.

Oculus Rift Head Mounted Virtual Reality Display


Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

A VR system for full-immersive virtual reality environments


Home-made equipment for cross-modal visuo-tactile experiments



A computer-controlled cross-modal visuo-tactile equipment.

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The VR Pain Scale Validation

We are validating a new pain scale which discriminates among muscolo-skeletal, neuropathic and visceral pain in spinal cord injury patients.


Books and Monographs

Il test di coordinazione motoria di Charlop-Atwell: la standardizzazione italiana.
Colella R, Quadri G, Boscaini F, Moro V, Albaret JM, 2014

Tornare a scuola dopo una grave cerebrolesione Moro Valentina, Rodolfi Chiara, 2012

La plasticità cerebrale. Alle radici del cambiamento
Moro Valentina, Filippi Barbara, 2010

L'agire educativo nella riabilitazione neuropsicologica
Moro Valentina, 2005

Valentina Moro and Riccardo Sartori are directors for the SEID editor of the series "Strumenti in Psicologia, Educazione e Formazione" [Tools in Psychology, Education and Training].
The purpose of this series is to publish materials and tools for the intervention and evaluation in:

  • Psychology
  • Education
  • Training
  • Psychomotricity