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“Miglior Tesi” prize

28 luglio 2015

Rosanna Mignolli, who graduated with our laboratory, won the “Miglior Tesi” prize. This prize is intended to appraise the best theses of Triveneto, especially in the physiotherapist field. The title of Rosanna Mignolli’s thesis is: “ALTERAZIONI DELLA RAPPRESENTAZIONE CORPOREA NEI SOGGETTI CON LESIONE MIDOLLARE: UNO STUDIO ESPLORATIVO”. Her supervisor was Prof. Valentina Moro and the external supervisor...

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A tDCS program for rehabilitation of Tactile Agnosia

25 gennaio 2015

This poster was presented at the Thirty-Third European Workshop on Cognitive Neuropsychology, held in Bressanone, Italy, 25-30 January, 2015. Authors: D’Imperio D., Avesani R., Rossato M., Aganetto S., Moro V.

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Alterations of the peripersonal space around the feet in paraplegics

8 maggio 2014

This poster was presentated at the CAOs 2014 conference, held Rovereto (TN), Italy, 8th – 11th of May. Authors: Scandola M., Brunell G., Avesani R., Bonente C., Aglioti S.M., Moro V. Abstract: Cross-modal congruency paradigms (CMCP) are widely used to explore the boundary of peripersonal space (PPS, e.g. the spatial portion directly reachable without...

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World Autism Awareness Day

19 marzo 2014

The NPsy-Lab.VR is happy to inform about the World Autism Awareness Day, that will be held in Rome, April 2nd – 6th, 2014.

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Rovereto Workshop on Concepts, Actions and Objects 2014

27 febbraio 2014

Also for this year the CAOs 2014 will be held in Rovereto (Trento, Italy). It’ll last between the 8th and the 11th of May, the organiser are Alfonso Caramazza, Melvyn Goodale, Brad Mahon, Alex Martin, and Marius Peelen. Invited speakers: Irving Biederman, University of Southern California, USA Brad Duchaine, Dartmouth College, USA Patrick Haggard, University College London, UK Antonia...

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Scientific Conference – Joint meeting of the FESN (Federation of European Societies of Neuropsychology) and the GNP (German Society of Neuropsychology) from September 12-14, 2013 in Berlin, Germany

1 settembre 2013

The FENS meetings are the most important conferences concerning Neuropsychology in Europe. This year one of the major topics of lectures and symposia will be the integration of experimental approaches and clinical application in Neuropsychology. The director of the NPSY-Lab.VR, dr. Valentina Moro, will be present with a speech concerning anosognosia titled “How many...

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The VR Pain Scale Validation

We are validating a new pain scale which discriminates among muscolo-skeletal, neuropathic and visceral pain in spinal cord injury patients.


Books and Monographs

Il test di coordinazione motoria di Charlop-Atwell: la standardizzazione italiana.
Colella R, Quadri G, Boscaini F, Moro V, Albaret JM, 2014

Tornare a scuola dopo una grave cerebrolesione Moro Valentina, Rodolfi Chiara, 2012

La plasticità cerebrale. Alle radici del cambiamento
Moro Valentina, Filippi Barbara, 2010

L'agire educativo nella riabilitazione neuropsicologica
Moro Valentina, 2005

Valentina Moro and Riccardo Sartori are directors for the SEID editor of the series "Strumenti in Psicologia, Educazione e Formazione" [Tools in Psychology, Education and Training].
The purpose of this series is to publish materials and tools for the intervention and evaluation in:

  • Psychology
  • Education
  • Training
  • Psychomotricity