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Anticipation of wheelchair and rollerblade actions in spinal cord injured people, rollerbladers, and physiotherapists.

20 marzo 2019

Authors: Scandola M, Aglioti SM, Avesani R, Bertagnoni G, Marangoni A, Moro V. Abstract Embodied Cognition Theories (ECT) postulate that higher-order cognition is heavily influenced by sensorimotor signals. We explored the active role of somatosensory afferents and motor efferents in modulating the perception of actions in people who have suffered a massive body-brain disconnection because of spinal cord injury...

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Neurocognitive benefits of physiotherapy for spinal cord injury

18 dicembre 2018

Authors: Scandola M, Dodoni L, Lazzeri G, Arcangeli CA, Avesani R, Moro V, Ionta S. Abstract Spinal cord injury (SCI) interrupts the brain-body input-output exchange and modifies the mental representation of disconnected body parts, with decreased reliance on sensorimotor aspects of body representation and increased weighting of visuospatial ones. We hypothesized that physiotherapy-related benefits might extend to the re-establishment of...

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Next Seminar: “The contribution of the investigation of white matter disconnections to neuropsychology”

14 novembre 2018

Dear all, the next seminar of our lab is given by a special guest speaker: Michel Thiebaut de Schotten! The meeting will be held November 28th, h 14.00 at the Aula-Laboratorio Palazzo Zorzi, Department of Human Sciences, University of Verona. Anyone and everyone are welcome to join. The seminar will be held in English....

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Fourth annual meeting of the International Group for Research into Spinal Cord Injury (SCI-Research Group)

6 novembre 2018

Il quarto incontro annuale del Gruppo Internazionale per la Ricerca sulle Lesioni al Midollo Spinale (SCI-Research group – si terrà il 12 novembre, alle 15:00 nell’Aula Laboratorio di Scienze Umane, Palazzo Zorzi Lungadige Porta Vittoria, 17, at the University of Verona. L’entrata è libera a tutti. —————————————————————————- The fourth annnual meeting of the...

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Next Seminar: “Error Awareness in Space”

18 settembre 2018

The seminar “Error Awareness in Space” will be held at the University of Verona, Dept. of Human Sciences, September the 20th. The presenter will be Michele Scandola.

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Next Seminar: “The social brain across the life course”

3 settembre 2018

The seminar will be held in Septembre, the 6th, at the 10:00, at the Aula Maffei, Chiostro ex-economia, Lungadige PortaVittoria, at the Department of Human Sciences at the University of Verona. The speaker will be Sahba Besharati, Ph.D. Anyone and everyone are welcome to join. The seminar will be held in English

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Presentation at the Spatial Cognition 2018, Tuebingen

1 settembre 2018

Spatial Cognition is concerned with the acquisition, organization, and utilization of knowledge about spatial objects and environments, be it real, virtual, or abstract, human or machine. Spatial Cognition comprises research in different scientific fields insofar as they are concerned with cognitive agents and space, such as cognitive psychology, linguistics, computer science, geography, philosophy, or...

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BRNet 2018

12 giugno 2018

At the Body Representation Network Workshop, held in Edinburgh, 29th June 2018, organized by Gianna Cocchini, Elisa Raffaella Ferre and Anna Sedda, Valentina Pacella presented her work “Neural Correlates of Anosognosia for Hemiplegia: A White Matter Disconnection Study”.

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MeeTo 2018

28 maggio 2018

At the MeeTo conference, held in Turin, Italy, from the 25th to the 27th May, 2018, Valentina Pacella presented “The role of white matter disconnections in anosognosia for hemiplegia”, while Michele Scandola presented “Moving in space in a wheelchair the embodiment of one’s own wheelchair and its effects on navigational space representation in people...

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Next Seminar: “Rehabilitation protocols in Anosognosia for Hemiplegia

22 febbraio 2018

The seminar will be held March, the 8th at 16:30, at the T02 Laboratory of psychology for adult age, at the Department of Human Sciences at the University of Verona. The speaker will be Deborah Luxon, B.Sc. Anyone and everyone are welcome to join. The seminar will be held in English

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The VR Pain Scale Validation

We are validating a new pain scale which discriminates among muscolo-skeletal, neuropathic and visceral pain in spinal cord injury patients.


Books and Monographs

Il test di coordinazione motoria di Charlop-Atwell: la standardizzazione italiana.
Colella R, Quadri G, Boscaini F, Moro V, Albaret JM, 2014

Tornare a scuola dopo una grave cerebrolesione Moro Valentina, Rodolfi Chiara, 2012

La plasticità cerebrale. Alle radici del cambiamento
Moro Valentina, Filippi Barbara, 2010

L'agire educativo nella riabilitazione neuropsicologica
Moro Valentina, 2005

Valentina Moro and Riccardo Sartori are directors for the SEID editor of the series "Strumenti in Psicologia, Educazione e Formazione" [Tools in Psychology, Education and Training].
The purpose of this series is to publish materials and tools for the intervention and evaluation in:

  • Psychology
  • Education
  • Training
  • Psychomotricity